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2 min readJan 24, 2022

About upcoming FUMA Token Swap


FUMA is upgrading and introducing new features, especially for the merchants and API users. Now there will a new contract and new FUMA token. The new token will be same in quantity and swap ratio (Old FUMA to New FUMA) will be 1:1. There is a very simple one step solution to convert your old FUMA token with New FUMA token. You will get the details on Fuma finance official website (https://fuma.finance/). New token will available from 25th Jan’2022. It will also available on PancakeSwap (DEX).


1. What will the Use of Old FUMA Token?

Ans: Old FUMA token will be used to Swap and get new FUMA token.

2. How to Swap my Old FUMA to get the new FUMA token?

Ans: Visit official website of Fuma finance (https://fuma.finance/) to get the process.

3. Someone told me to convert my old FUMA to new FUMA. Can I send my token to him?

Ans: Admin/Team-member of FUMA will never message and ask anything. You must follow the instruction presented to the official website only. If you still need any help, you can post your query to FUMA official telegram group.

4. My Old FUMA token is deposited to some service provider, what can I do?

Ans: If you are not holding your FUMA in your wallet or you have deposited FUMA to any service provider, you just ask him about token swap. Service providers can also swap their Old token and provide you new Token.

About FUMA Finance

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Fuma Finance

Fuma is a finance token working with latest technology and trustworthy binance blockchain. Fuma finance is community driven project.