FUMA: Launching shortly on BSC

Fuma Finance
3 min readOct 17, 2021

FUMA Tokens are launching shortly on BSC

Fuma Finance is coming up with the newest and latest technology on the most trusted blockchain BSC (Binance Smart Chain). FUMA Tokens has been designed in such way to become the most useful defi token. The token burn concept will keep burning tokens from supply consistently. Whenever anyone transfer FUMA Tokens, either buy/sell/swap or transfer 1% of tokens will burn. Thus, the tokens supply will get lower and lower day by day. It will work as an engine to push the price and become an asset for holders.

On every transaction (Buy/Sell/Swap/Transfer) there is 2% fee. This fee will be deducted and distributed in Four different wallets as below:

Fuma Finance


1. Burn Wallet: 1% Token will accumulate in this wallet. These tokens will be burned and removed from supply.

2. Liquidity Wallet: 0.4% Tokens will accumulate in this wallet. It will be used to add liquidity on DEX / Exchange.

3. Airdrop Wallet: 0.4% Tokens will accumulate in this wallet. These tokens will be distributed among the PUMA Token holders. For more details, visit https://fuma.finance/

4. Marketing Wallet: 0.2% Tokens will accumulate in this wallet. These tokens will be used for marketing and development activities to popularise the token and create useability.

Highlights of FUMA Tokens

1. Decentralized: Fuma Tokens are decentralized tokens, created on Binance Smart Chain. These tokens are unstoppable, decentralized and available for all.

2. Technology: Fuma Tokens are based on latest technology and the trustworthy binance blockchain. Is has been designed to meet the future challenges and can be upgraded accordingly.

3. Distribution: No Team Token, No Reserve Token!! All tokens are available for fair distribution. 38% Token is available for Presale, 2% Token is reserve for Airdrop & remaining 60% Tokens will be transferred to pancakeswap AMM.

4. Supply: We believe supply is one of the most important factors to store and manage the value of any asset. FUMA tokens has the maximum supply of only 5 million which will gradually decrease.

5. Token Burn: On every transaction (Buy/Sell/Swap/Transfer) 1% of tokens will burn and out from supply. It will help to keep improving asset value and attract investors & asset holders.

6. Antiwhale measures: There is an antiwhale measure to protect price dumping by whales (big holders). There is a selling threshold to keep such whales away and protect investors and holders.

How to participate in Presale

Presale is open for all. Anyone who wants to participate in Presale can visit our website https://fuma.finance and join our telegram channel & group (Telegram Group: https://t.me/fuma_finance , Telegram Channel: https://t.me/fumafinance) for details. After Presale, all remaining tokens will transfer to Pancakeswap (DEX) and available for all.

How to participate in Airdrop

2% of tokens are reserved for Airdrop. There are two phases of airdrop. In every phase 1% token will be distributed equally among the participants. First phase of airdrop distribution will be done just after presale and Second phase of airdrop will be done after 7 days of presale. For details and terms visit https://fuma.finance



Fuma Finance

Fuma is a finance token working with latest technology and trustworthy binance blockchain. Fuma finance is community driven project.